Helpful Tips to Help you Choose the Right Roofing

Posted on 18 November 2018 (0)

Your roof not only ensures the safety of your belongings and family but defines the overall style of your home. When the time to replace your existing roof comes you want to make the right decision on which material type to install. There are many possibilities and options to choose from out there in the market. Roofing contractors often find it overwhelming and challenging to choose the right roofing materials and what are the best roofing trucks to maintain. It’s important that you do your homework well since this is a major investment and a big expense. There’s usually no room for mistakes or a second chance. Here are tips to help you determine the right type of roofing material for your home.

What’s your Budget?

Your choice of the roofing material to install on your home will, first, be determined by your budget. You must determine how much you’re willing to spend or rather invest on your new roofing system. Asphalt shingles are easy and inexpensive when it comes to installation and maintenance. Other affordable options include wood flakes, wood shingles, and metal roofing. If you have enough money, you might want to invest in high-end roofing materials like tiles, slate, and clay.

Think About your Home’s Energy Efficiency

If you’ve been having high utility bills, it’s time you took advantage of your new roof installation to improve the energy efficiency of your home. Roofing materials such as metal roofs, tiles, and asphalt shingles can help you ensure your home is energy efficient since they reduce the heating effect from the sun on your attic. Your HVAC units won’t have to work hard to keep your home comfortable and cool.

Consider your Home’s Architectural Style

Before choosing a roofing material, you want to ask yourself whether or not it will complement your home’s style and design. Note that this is the most visible part of your residential property and home’s exterior and whether you like it or not it will impact your home’s overall style. Find a roofing material that will compliment your home’s architectural style.

How long do you intend to live in your Home?

It’s not obvious that you’ll live in your current home forever. What’s your lifestyle? Perhaps you plan to move to another neighborhood after a few years. If you intend and plan to live in your current house longer, you should consider the durability and longevity of your new roof. When would you want to undertake your next roof replacement? That should help you determine which material to choose. Think about the effort, time, and money you intend to invest into your current home.

Think about the Climate you live in

Do you live in a hail storm prone area? Does your state experience tornadoes, hail storms, thunderstorms, wind storms, and other extreme weather conditions? Do you live in a rainy climate? These are questions to ask yourself so you don’t choose a roofing material that won’t withstand the climatic conditions experienced in your area. Choose a roofing material that can handle your weather.

Professional Roof Inspections: Understanding Key Benefits

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Even the sturdiest roof in your neighborhood is susceptible to damage during major storm and other weather phenomena. Much like important parts of your residential property, your roofing system is an integral component of your home and needs proper maintenance. But, when did you last even think about looking at it? Perhaps that only happens when there’s a roof leak or a serious problem that gets your attention.

A neglected roof is likely to have serious issues since problems are only addressed when they’ve developed and become costlier. People often assume everything is fine with their roofs as long as they can’t see any major visible leak or problem following a storm. Truth be told, your untrained and inexperienced eye cannot detect and spot roofing problems. It’s, therefore, a good idea to have a professional roof inspection on a regular basis, and especially after a storm of any kind. Here are significant benefits of professional roof inspections.

Great protection Against Unseen Damage

Your roof is exposed to varied weather conditions every day and it’s likely to have issues that need repairs. The processes of damage are usually gradual and slow which is why you might notice a serious roofing problem after a long period of time. Professional roof inspections will help you spot all unnoticed problems and any potential issues and have them fixed before they become major problems.

Help Extend the Life of your Roof

The fact that professional routine inspections help in spotting and mitigating unseen and any potential damage on your roof means that roof structure will be able to last longer. Inspections help to prevent roof damage thereby reducing the amount of money and time the homeowner will have to send in repairs in the future. Routine inspections by a professional, therefore, postpone the need to replace your roof as well as undertake costly repairs.

Cost Savings

Hiring a professional contractor to inspect your roof ensures any potential problems with your roof are identified and repaired sooner. Understand that ignoring even the smallest roof problem could end up becoming a large and costly problem. The cost of inspecting your roof every year is worth it. It will go a long way to save you thousands of dollars that you could have spent for mold remediation, costly interior fixes, and a new roof.

Detect Water Damage

Assuming that you can spot and find small leaks in your home with your untrained naked eye might end up becoming the costliest mistake you ever make. Yes, you can find large ones but you need a professional to help identify and deal with moisture damage and its related problems. A professional will inspect your flashing installation, skylights, chimneys, roof valleys, shingles, and attic for any potential problems such as mold and mildew growth and leaks. Catching these leaks and roofing problems early won’t be a problem to the professional eye.

Helping your Insurance Claim

Professional roof inspection will help with your insurance claim in the event a storm hits your home. Your insurer will want to know the kind of roof damage and the extent thereof and that’s where professional inspection comes in. Whether or not you’re already aware of the extent of damage, getting a detailed report from a professional roof inspector will help in that regard.

5 Undeniable Reasons Why Gutter Cleaning is Important for your Roof

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Cleaning your gutters is certainly not the most fun activity you want to do. Perhaps you’ve found yourself procrastinating and even ignoring cleaning your gutters even when it’s clear they need your attention. Gutter cleaning is very important as it ensures the longevity of your gutter system and roof. While your gutters might appear to be negligible components of your roofing system, they are responsible for moving rainwater away from your front door and foundation.

What does that mean? When your gutters aren’t functioning properly, you’re likely to be left with foundation problems, moss growth inside your home, and other issues. They play an important role in ensuring the safety and wellbeing of your home. Not convinced yet? Here are reasons why you shouldn’t ignore your gutters but regularly clean them.

Prevent Extensive Roofing Damage

When debris and other materials accumulate and clog up your gutter, it becomes almost impossible for water to flow. The end result will be flooding and ponding on your roof which ultimately will result in damage to your roofing material. Ponding allows or moisture to get into the underlayment and through the roofing material. Keeping your gutters clean will ensure water flows smoothly towards the downspout and away from your home.

Possible Long-Term Foundation Damage

As mentioned, unmanaged rainwater, when not directed away from your home, will continuously soak the soil and get to your home’s foundation underneath. This continuous exposure will cause the concrete foundation to liquefy and the steel to corrode and rust. Long-term foundation damage and cracking is inevitable of you don’t regularly clean your gutters, therefore.

Overflowing Gardens and Yard

The last thing a homeowner would want to do is to damage the beautiful flowers and plants in the garden beds by drowning them with water. As you already know, not watering your plants enough can be as harmful and damaging as overwatering. When your gutters are not cleaned, they clog with debris which makes it difficult for water to flow. The result is your garden and yard overflowing with water. Cleaning your gutters will ensure proper rainwater flow management thus preventing any damage to your plants.

Reduce Fascia Damage Risk

The board that you see running behind your gutter is what’s referred to as fascia. What do you think would happen to this important component when water overflows your gutter? Though it looks negligible and replaceable, it’s the component that keeps your gutters in place. Exposure to moisture and water can cause the board to crumble. Note that replacing this small but important roof part can be expensive. Clean your gutters to prevent damage to your fascia.

Prevent Pest Infestation

Lack of cleaning and poor maintenance can result in clogging followed by pooling of water. You’re well aware that this becomes an attractive environment and breeding ground for birds, mosquitoes, mice, rodents, and other pests. Mold and fungi growth also thrive in such environments. These can be dangerous as these pests can spread into other parts of your property and cause serious health problems to your family and damage to your property. Cleaning your gutters cannot be an option, therefore.

Roof Maintenance: Four Reasons Why It Matters

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Even the highest quality of roofing materials are bound to fail prematurely if not properly maintained and taken care of. While it’s important to hire an experienced and reputable roofing contractor and choose the most-trusted and high-quality materials, taking proper care of and maintaining your roofing is what will ensure its longevity and performance.

Isn’t that what you do with your car? Ensuring it’s serviced and tuned up on a regular basis? The importance of maintaining your roof cannot be understated, therefore. Not convinced yet? Here are some of the benefits of roof maintenance.

Preserves the Beauty of your Home

As a homeowner, you want your home to look beautiful and good not only inside but also outside. Many homeowners often ignore or simply forget their roof when it comes to maintaining their homes’ exterior. Some just take it for granted not realizing their roofing system is an important curb appeal item. You don’t have to get a roof replacement every time so you can boost your home’s curb appeal. Maintaining your roof will preserve your home’s beauty and add to your property’s curb appeal by 40 percent.

Reduced Hidden Damages

Proper roof maintenance through inspections detects any possible signs off damage, prevents further damage, and spots trouble early. Even the hidden damages that are not visible to the homeowner can be identified and fixed early before they turn into serious, costlier issues

Prolonged Service Life

How much do you think it would cost you to replace your roof? Tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars, right? Maintaining your roof helps to prevent any roof problems and damage thereby maximizing its lifespan. Ignoring your roof, on the other hand, would end causing serious problems which will warrant a roof replacement. Roof maintenance ensures you pay attention to any signs of roof damage and having them addressed by a professional roofer.

Roof Maintenance Saves you Money and Gives Peace of Mind

How did it go the last time you had an emergency roofing situation? There’s a good chance you found yourself at the mercy of the roofing contractor. Just knowing that you’ve taken all the necessary measures to prevent a major leak problem on your roof gives you a great pace of mind. It’s the same case when you’ve had a professional roofing contractor insect your roof, identified potential issues, and addressed them. In the long run, this saves you a lot of money since roofing problems are identified and fixed early before they become serious, costlier problems.

Preserves your Warranty

If you check with your manufacturer you’ll find that it’s a requirement to maintain your roof in order to preserve its warranty. Documenting your roof maintenance will help you preserve your warranty. Well, they might not seem to matter but wait until you’ve encountered severe roofing damage.

In conclusion, dealing with roof problems can be troublesome. Why wouldn’t you go ahead of the curve by taking advantage of a preventative roof maintenance program? Ignoring small roofing problems could end up being costly. It’s time you started maintaining your roof.

The Five Most Common Causes of Roof Leaks

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Homeowners often don’t realize that roof leaks, when ignored and not fixed immediately, result in a whole lot of serious problems. They don’t just disappear on their own. What do you think would happen to your belongings and valuables when water enters your home? The importance of your roof when it comes to your family’s safety should never be ignored.

In most cases, it can be difficult to determine the cause or rather source of roof leaks and even how to fix them. While it’s important to contact a reputable roofing contractor to insect and help solve this problem, it pays to know how roof leaks started. Being informed will help you prevent or even minimize any problems in future. Here are some of the reasons why there’s a roof leak on your home.

Broken or Missing Roof Shingles

It’s quite easy to spot broken shingles on your roof. All you need to do is look up! If you can see different-colored patches, there’s a good chance there are missing shingles. If you find shingles littering your yard following a wind or hail storm, there’s a problem. Temperature and hail are some of the factors that cause shingles to break. Seek the help of a professional roofer to resolve this problem.

Your Roof is Getting Old

Most people home that their roofing systems can last forever. Sadly, this isn’t what happens as roofs deteriorate over time as a result of extreme weather and exposure to elements. Shingles become less efficient over the years thereby making your roof susceptible to damage. If your roof has reached its life span, replacement might be the only solution. However, investing in preventive maintenance can help minimize the chances of getting roof leaks.

Clogged Gutters

If water isn’t trickling out of your roof’s downspout during rain, your gutter could be clogged. Remember it’s the gutter that helps in moving water away from the roof. Clogged gutters won’t let water to flow whenever it rains thereby causing water to build up. This could result in foundation problems, cracked walls, and damaged furniture. Consider investing in a gutter protection system to prevent debris from accumulating and building up in your gutters. Be sure to keep your gutter clean as well.

When the Flashing was a Bad Job

The flashing is responsible for creating a water-resistant barrier around roof transitions and in areas where water runs down. It’s usually placed around the edges of roof skylights or at the penetration point of the chimney through the roof. You’re likely to experience roof leaks when your flashing was poorly installed or is cracked. Cracking often occurs as a result of exposure to outside elements, wind, and rain. Contact a reputable roofing contractor to help fix this problem.

Improperly Installed Skylights

You can easily spot roof leaks caused by poorly fitted skylights. If you notice wet spots or leaks around the sides of the skylights, this could be the problem. Contacting a professional roofer to inspect your skylight for tiny pinholes or cracks is the best solution.

No matter the source or rather cause of your roof leak, it’s important to seek the help of a professional roofing contractor. Trying to fix the problem yourself can be dangerous.