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Professional Roof Inspections: Understanding Key Benefits

Posted on 15 November 2018 by admin (0)

Even the sturdiest roof in your neighborhood is susceptible to damage during major storm and other weather phenomena. Much like important parts of your residential property, your roofing system is an integral component of your home and needs proper maintenance. But, when did you last even think about looking at it? Perhaps that only happens when there’s a roof leak or a serious problem that gets your attention.

A neglected roof is likely to have serious issues since problems are only addressed when they’ve developed and become costlier. People often assume everything is fine with their roofs as long as they can’t see any major visible leak or problem following a storm. Truth be told, your untrained and inexperienced eye cannot detect and spot roofing problems. It’s, therefore, a good idea to have a professional roof inspection on a regular basis, and especially after a storm of any kind. Here are significant benefits of professional roof inspections.

Great protection Against Unseen Damage

Your roof is exposed to varied weather conditions every day and it’s likely to have issues that need repairs. The processes of damage are usually gradual and slow which is why you might notice a serious roofing problem after a long period of time. Professional roof inspections will help you spot all unnoticed problems and any potential issues and have them fixed before they become major problems.

Help Extend the Life of your Roof

The fact that professional routine inspections help in spotting and mitigating unseen and any potential damage on your roof means that roof structure will be able to last longer. Inspections help to prevent roof damage thereby reducing the amount of money and time the homeowner will have to send in repairs in the future. Routine inspections by a professional, therefore, postpone the need to replace your roof as well as undertake costly repairs.

Cost Savings

Hiring a professional contractor to inspect your roof ensures any potential problems with your roof are identified and repaired sooner. Understand that ignoring even the smallest roof problem could end up becoming a large and costly problem. The cost of inspecting your roof every year is worth it. It will go a long way to save you thousands of dollars that you could have spent for mold remediation, costly interior fixes, and a new roof.

Detect Water Damage

Assuming that you can spot and find small leaks in your home with your untrained naked eye might end up becoming the costliest mistake you ever make. Yes, you can find large ones but you need a professional to help identify and deal with moisture damage and its related problems. A professional will inspect your flashing installation, skylights, chimneys, roof valleys, shingles, and attic for any potential problems such as mold and mildew growth and leaks. Catching these leaks and roofing problems early won’t be a problem to the professional eye.

Helping your Insurance Claim

Professional roof inspection will help with your insurance claim in the event a storm hits your home. Your insurer will want to know the kind of roof damage and the extent thereof and that’s where professional inspection comes in. Whether or not you’re already aware of the extent of damage, getting a detailed report from a professional roof inspector will help in that regard.